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Transiting Chiron in strong square (forming, 1.2 degrees) with natal Sun

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees) from Apr 23, 2011 to Jul 25, 2011, no exact; from Feb 13, 2012 to Apr 19, 2012, exact on Mar 15, 2012; from Aug 5, 2012 to Feb 13, 2013, exact on Sep 17, 2012 R, Jan 9, 2013.

During this period of time you are going through a potentially painful process of examining and re-aligning your self-concept, possibly as a result of old wounds coming up for you. Early childhood episodes that in some way were damaging to your self-concept may come back to haunt you. It may also be that fresh experiences bring these issues to the fore, issues which could be related to your father or another significant mentor figure from your past. These figures can be an important part of our ego structure as we go through life. The reason such painful issues are reemerging into consciousness is for the purpose of healing these issues, and finally moving beyond them. You may find when you have gone through this process that you feel yourself coming into a broader view of your existence. It may even be that some of your ego needs are no longer quite so acute as before. There is a way in which ego serves the soul’s evolution and a way in which it just seems to get lodged like a boulder in the path of progress. Changes that strip away some facets of your ego may be good for you in the long run and serve to strengthen your true inner self-confidence, as a more well-rounded view of your life as a whole is revealed to you.

Old wounds; early  childhood episodes.  Damaging.  Hmmmmmmm.   They were beat into me (“I’m only doing it for your own good”) and it’s difficult to stir them up as they want to stick at the bottom and continue to scorch.  Sorry ’bout that.  It’s time to scrub the pot.



Comments on: "Transiting Chiron Is Square My Natal Sun" (2)

  1. Thanks Monica ! It’s been one heck of a transit for me. The moving past it all just wouldn’t/couldn’t begin until I started that scrubbing.

  2. I love the cooking pot metaphor, Cheryl. Wonderful imagery1

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