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Here I Am

Dana Point, CA

I am here and where I go I take myself with me.  Isn’t that amazing !  We change locations but we can’t leave ourselves behind.  Well, most of the time anyway. I mean, if you’re astral traveling or dreaming or meditating well yeah. Your body should stay put.  But my body is here. I’m not sure when my mind is, though.

We’ve been on the mainland for almost a month. It’s spring and that means playing with cars and soaking the sun up in Borrego for a couple of those weeks.  We go to a couple of the Woodie shows while we’re here, too. This Saturday is the Doheney show. It’s on my old home turf.  I grew up here.  Now I can get lost just trying to get from Dana Point to San Juan.   I’m so grateful I had this valley and coast to grow up in.  But that was then… and now it seems to be just chaotic.

I wonder if I’ll run into anyone I (used to) know. It’s so funny after not seeing someone for 45+ years and all of a sudden there they are (as in above because they took themselves with them). Of course I don’t recognize anyone because they’re all still 18 in my mind so it’s a brand new experience with the same players in a different time. Some have changed their names, their games. built their lives and are now enjoying the journey.   Some others are still playing kickball on the playground.  It’s interesting to see how many are still kicking at the same old dead deflated ball. It reminds me that we all have our path, we all have our choices. Conscious decisions can be turned into reality. Whether that reality is good or bad depends upon the decision. And yes, we can always change our minds to re-create. That’s a good thing.


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