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Let’s Just See

Transiting Moon in strong sextile
(exact at 7:39  am) with natal Pluto

The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.
Your emotions are subject to deep and far-reaching changes today, which may involve your relationship with your mother or other significant female figures in your life. During these few hours that this transit is in effect, deep-rooted emotions, long buried in your unconscious, may come to the surface of your conscious mind. You also could become aware of old patterns of behavior that represent knee-jerk reactions rather than conscious responses. You benefit when you remain calm and just quietly examine what comes up for you at this time. Events that happen may symbolize important parts of your psyche that need more attention in your conscious life. It is wise to try to focus on what is really going on for you, beneath the surface your everyday existence.

My rhythms flow with the Moon.  I was looking at my transits this morning and decided to post this quickly.  Looks as if it could be a bit of a  “heads up”.  I’ve only been out of bed for 45 minutes.  Let’s see what the day brings.

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