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Spunky’s Menpachi

Spunky came over yesterday morning and showed up again today.  When she’s like a tornado on a railroad track her mind becomes so focused she’s either extremely IN THE BOX with the lid on or she’s so OUT OF THE BOX it’s hard to comprehend how she’s reached her conclusions.  ADD and brilliance shake up to become a dynamo of energy.  I watch her spin, go, do, RE-DO, re-think,  and pray that she’ll come out of this one a little more enlightened to LIFE ON LIFE’S TERMS.

While contemplating my role as Mother in this continuing saga of my adult child I’ve come to conclusions I don’t really like although they are necessary for her growth as well as mine.  We are joined at a level that runs so deep in our souls.  I believe we have been doing this dance for eons; watching it change, grow, evolve.  I also believe it is time to make a move to start the healing at a level I can’t even really understand at this moment.  I just feel it coming on.  Changes are in the air.  The interesting thing is that I know she is feeling it, too.  We are  “on the same wavelength”.  These changes are good, healing and pure.  I know we will flow through our transition and come out the other side closer than ever but with a better understanding of each other.   Without change there is no growth and without growth their is no change.


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