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Twos represent duality, masculine and feminine, yin and yan, light and dark.

“The two of swords in depicted by a vulnerable young girl walking tightrope over a rough sea, holding two crossed swords above her heart.  She is trying to balance opposing forces within herself and is caught up in so much emotional turmoil that she is afraid to remove the blindfold in case she topples into the sea.  This is the card of stalemate when a clear head is needed to clarify a situation that is emotionally charged.  This card often appears when there is an issue involving negotiable conflicts between partners.  Trying to be fair on all sides can create a state of tension or inertia.  By facing the facts, tension will be broken and the situation will be resolved.”    Spiral Tarot – Kay Steventon                              

Your emotions are brought into more conscious focus over these few days. What is affected is the female or instinctual part of your nature, as well as your home and family, and you may find yourself thinking about these areas of your life while this transit is in effect. You could encounter conflicts with loved ones, especially parents and children, and communication might be problematic. You may have to make some conscious decisions regarding your living space, or deal with a minor crisis involving a house project. Your attitude toward others may soften and you are better able to express your feelings during this transit.  Transiting Mercury in strong opposition with natal Moon.

I pulled the two of swords and then looked at my chart.  I am totally feeling all of the above and probably more.  Very tumultuous and irritated today.  I must get to Higher Ground and put myself above these mental conflicts.  Facing the facts  so I can get to a point where I can speak clearly of the cause of my emotional state at this time is my goal for today.


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